Monday, September 29, 2008

Bunny loves

So today Amber and I were in our bedroom which is on the second floor of Mel and Mikes flat. I was looking out the window which overlooks our courtyard and enables me to see into our neighbours courtyard also. I looked down and saw bunnies hop hop hopping around. Amber and I went running down stairs grabbed the last carrot and some cauliflower leaves out of the fridge and went over to see our friendly neighbours to request to be allowed to hang in their courtyard with their bunnies.

They have four bunnies and two of them were frolicking outside. A big mostly white furred girl named Lilly (but not as beautiful as our niece Lilly) who has one brown eye and one blue eye and a beautiful boy named Fin who is the same colouring as our dearly departed Little One.

Anyway we got to give them lots of pats and we got sniffed and bunny boinked a couple of times. For anyone who doesn't know what a bunny boink is, it's where a bun kinda headbutts you but uses their nose instead. It is usually done by the bun to get attention (or food). Anyway Amber and I had a lovely time with the bunnies and had many chuckles when Lilly tried to hide in the greenery in the garden of course with her colouring she failed completely.

Next time we go to see them I will take the camera.

Loves and bunny kisses to you all.


Janine said...

I understand LilyBelle was very rude to you on Facebook the other day, but I have explained the situation and she would like you to accept an apology......and some bunny kisses.

shambles said...

Yay, the Lilybelle has forgiven us!! We were worried!! We do not like being thumped at!
missing you both lots!
loves, hugs and bunny boinks!