Sunday, June 24, 2007


So this is what a bruise from a paintball gun looks like after 6 days!!! Ambers brother had a birthday recently and he decided that for his special day he wanted to go and play paintball tag. This is all very well and good and being the fact that Amber and I are NOT girly girls we thought we would go along as it sounded like fun.... which it was, it was just very painful. We rocked on in to the establishment where the action was going to take place and noticed that a lot of the other people that were going to play with us were wearing camouflaged gear and they looked like they were wearing quite a few layers also. I got a little bit worried at this point but my wife reassured me that all would be fine.

It was NOT fine. The problem with playing with this game is that some people take it way too seriously... It would appear that the many layers of clothing help to lessen the pain from the impact of the pallets. It would also appear that unlike us they knew how much it hurt when you got shot with paintball pallets hence all the layers.

The following day we were both purple and never did I see such a pretty coloured bruise as the one pictured above (remember this photo was taken 6 days after the event). Since then we have both come to the conclusion that paintball tag will not be added on to our list of fun things that we want to do again someday.