Thursday, December 21, 2006


S thinks this post should be called "I want my money back" due to me the other day saying that i was going to go back and request a refund because of the state they left my arm in. We'll post photos later of the 'pretty' bruises on it that go half way up my wrist. Anyway, it's been just over a week and I'm doing good, still a little tender and I tire easy, but they say that's normal. There's been a little Vascular rejection on Si's end, but they caught it before it affected the kidney and they've got him on drugs to reverse and help stop it before it goes any further. They still say there is a 95% chance it will take
Apparently I'm VERY sensitive to Morpheine and they gave me a litte too much for me (for anyone else it probably would've been ok, but apparently not for me) and I decided to give everyone a little scare (my Dad reckons I was just trying to get attention cause Si was getting too much, lol) and stop breathing for a bit. . .but after a brief stint in ICU I was up and bouncing. . .well, ok, not quite, but I'm doing ok again. I don't think there's any chance of me ever becoming a Morpheine addict though. . .lol
Anyway, must dash, just about out of time on the net. . .will post photos of my war wounds when we get home. . .sigh, home. . .

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This is the kidneys wife speaking:
Hi all a big thanks to all of those that have sent messages reguarding the opperation it was really great to know that everybody was thinking of us.
The opperation went really well and A is back in recovery as i write this. Si is in theatre at the moment so i will post an update later.
A is really sleepy and really cute, (at least i think so). She is currently sucking on ice cubes and making funny smacking noises with her mouth. I think she mentioned a horrible taste in her mouth that she is trying to get rid of. Anyway will go back up to her ward now and see how she is. I just came away for a few minutes so i could post this for all of those that were wondering how she is doing.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hunting the Haggis

Although many people believe that Haggis is actually a meal of meat and vegetable cooked in the stomach offal of a sheep. . .it's actually a wee furry little beastie, (For more information on this, please refer to "The Wee Free Men", "Hat Full of Sky" and "Wintersmith" by Terry Pratchett) and, my excuse for not having posted on here for a while is that I've been hunting the Haggis. . .
Ok, then, you caught me out, I haven't been hunting the Haggis. . .but isn't an interesting lie much more value for money? lol
Last week I was busy trying to recover from a sinus infection so that the surgery could actually happen! and before that I was too busy recovering from having finished my second job (which I really didn't want to leave!!). . .
But I'm back, I'm fighting fit. . .I'm having one day at work before 4 weeks off and, I'm starting to finally get some small butterflies in my tummy. . .not as much as Si and S though. . .I think the problem is is that I look at the short term view and the long term view, Si and S seem to look at the middle term. . .see, short term it's just, getting admitted into hospital and long term, it's an interesting scar to show off with an interesting (and, kinda heartwarming) story behind it. . .middle term, it's pain and boredom and probably a lot of frustration. . .so I don't think about the middle term. . .take it one step at a time and think of the overall good all of this will do. . .I'm giving one of my best friends (who, I must admit is sometimes more like an annoying brother), a second chance at life. A real life. Not the sort of half existence he's currently living. And yes, brothers are annoying, but you'd do anything for family. . .so, the middle term stuff, it just doesn't matter when the outcome is so. . .rewarding.
But yes, I am starting to get a wittle noivus. . .
Must dash, the Taxman doesn't pay me to post blogs and my break just finished :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

slack (but with a good excuse)

ok so i know that this blog was created by my wife (giggle) to keep our nearest and dearest up to date with the opperation and stuff but it just occured to me that to do that we might actually need to post on here once and a while and actually tell everybody what is happening!

At the moment the subject rolls around to auckland and the surgery every five seconds or so. Simon is offically packing himself and my beautiful wife acts as if she hasn't a care in the world. I know if it was me that was about to be sliced open i would be as nervous as hell but she seems perfectly fine. (not to confuse this with normal coz she never was)

I am going to start making lists soon of all the stuff we have to take with us to Auckland i am waiting for the sleepness nights to start at the moment the sleeping is not going so well but i think that it is mainly becuase we have been sick and its really hard to sleep when both of you are all blocked up and finding breathing a problem.

Anyway i will try to remember to post on here more often next week so everybody is reasured about the opperation. Love and hugs. S