Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shelley's Bah Humbug has been temporarily halted to bring you this bolg

On Monday Lumberjack Dan volunteered to go out and get our tree while I waited at home for the post man. An aside on that. Yes he really does drive a van just like Postman Pat. But the point I was going to make was that if there is nobody to answer the door then the things that are larger than a letter get put back into his little van and then driven to Post Central Hell where you have to wait in line for a minimum of 45 minutes to speak to a little man behind a glass window who may be a demon who misbehaved in life and is now being made to pay penance. Anyway to avoid a trip to P.C.H I stayed home to wait for Pat the Postman ( I don't think his name is really Pat) and Lumberjack Dan went to get the tree.
Right that was more of another blog so much as an aside but I am sick and therefore I might not be thinking or writing in coherent sentences.
We continue with Lumberjack Dan. In England when you buy real tree you get it wrapped up and it is kind of like a shrink wrap in to say that it looked much smaller in the car. When Amber pulled the shrink wrap off it sort of morphed into a giant room eating, green monster. Apparently when I told Lumberjack Dan to pick a tree that would fit into our front room without needing major renovations he did not take me seriously....

After moving all the furniture round and squishing the tree into the corner of the living room Amber then discovered that to make it stand up straight she had to get pretty much underneath it and start sawing branches of it with Lumberjack Dan's trusty pocket knife. I could have helped in this process, instead I decided to laugh and take photos.

And now for the finished product and one of Amber opening one of her Christmas presents early, they were decorations for the tree which is why she got to open it early, and a couple of us being silly buggers and torturing Dini.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

8 Inches

Morning all,
We got another 8 inches last night and it is still snowing.