Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Wishes

Just wanted to send Christmas Wishes to you all. . .
But first, some pics of the ice on the top of our landlord's car, A) cause it's pretty and B) to show just how cold it is over here!!
Right, here's for the Christmas-y Wishes, hope it works. . .

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Because My Mum Told Me Too....

Hello all.
My mum requested that I post some photos from our neighbourhood and so here we are. Numbers 2,3,4,&5 are of Horsham centre.

Still no proper snow. Still waiting for my visa. Still not smoking.

Don't think I have any more news.
Merry Bloody Christmas

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Firsts and lasts

Ok, so some of you may already know this, but last weekend Shelley and I went to London and Shelley took me Ice-Skating for the first time ever!! Now, for those who know me you will not be too surprised to hear that Shelley made sure she had the first aid kit with her and she also made note of the Medic as we were heading onto the ice. (She also suggested I become friends with him). So she was VERY pleasantly surprised when I only fell over six times. . .in an hour. . .and didn't have to go to hospital afterwards!
So anyway, here are some pictures:

These photos show the beautiful venue. . .The Tower of London (there weren't any hangings on the day we went . . . ) It was lovely and COLD!! Freezing cold, there was snow in London that night and apparently in Horsham too although it had all melted by the time we woke up. And I had to walk around London with wet jeans all day!! Stupid wet ice.

This is the five minutes in between falling over that I actually managed to skate for. . .in fact the skating wasn't the problem; the stopping was.

And unfortunately the problem with stopping (aside from the falling over) was that it often happened in front of people:

The nice man in the red jacket was an ice marshall whose job was to make sure everyone was ok and behaving on the ice. He thought it was cruel of Shelley to not let him help me up until after she'd taken the photo of me.
Shelley on the other hand had no problems with the skating . . .

But then, she has been ice skating before so it's understandable.
The bruises I received are now healing and I WANNA DO IT AGAIN!!!!! It was just so much fun and I'm sure with more practice there will be less of the falling over. . .I hope.

Anyway, after the ice-skating we headed over to Covent Garden for lunch, which only took twice as long as expected because one of The Major tube lines was closed for engineering work (Shelley thinks there was a broken cup holder somewhere).
We found this lovely little Crepe-erie (or however that's spelt) called La Creme de la Crepe. . .Anyone who may be heading to Covent Garden in the near future (which I'm sure is all of you!) should go eat there, they do the BEST savoury crepes, especially the "Piggy that Went to Market", yummy in my tummy . . . and one of these days we'll be able to try the sweet ones as well. . .See how pretty it looks:

We also went to the NZ shop, which is still out of L&P, much to Shelley's disgust. . .she was extremely looking forward to having some L&P and it's the second time we've been all the way into London and they haven't had any. They also didn't have any twisties or burger rings either, in fact they didn't have any chippies at all!!

Just before we left Covent Garden, we saw these guys:
They were the funniest street performers I've ever seen!! They really knew how to work the crowd and keep us all entertained. It was great!!
But anyway, onto the other big news of this blog. . .Shelley smoked her last cigarette last night. . .I have previously given her an ultimatim that she has to be smoke free before we try for babies and as cigarettes are so expensive over here we decided that the carton bought at duty free would be her last. Doing it while over here also means that she is around less people who smoke (you know who you are!!) so it might be easier for her to quit. . .

This is her lighting up for the last time, as you can see she had some trouble lighting it due to the wind and the cold (have we mentioned just how cold it is over here at the moment?)

This is her savouring her last cigarette (see how happy she looks? I might end up missing that look in the very near future)

And this is the end of an era. . .after 18 years of smoking, Shelley is attempting to stop. . .wish us both luck. . .if you don't hear from us for a little while, Shelley may have gone on a murderous rampage. . .