Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow, pressies and food. . .

Ok, so, not much to say really - but about three different things to have photos of :)
First up the other day we had dinner with Mel and Mike and stopped to take photos of the pretty Christmas tree that was in the church yard opposite the inn where we ate :)

The reason that I'm looking down in the last photo is cause it was actually the first photo Mike took, he didn't give us warning that he was about to take it and I was too busy looking at the pretty, pretty snow. . .
We then went in and had really really yummy food and made a toast to Shelley's mummy cause it had been her birthday the other week:

We received a packet from NZ that included a friend for our centipede (the one that lives above our bed, see previous post - "And We're Back" posted February 09), so we have named him Thomas the Turtle (I decided he just has a 'he' vibe, in spite of the fact he is pink/purple and sparkly) so now he too is above our bed, see if you can spot him:

We've also been all energetic and bakey as part of the "Xmas Spirit" (that's in quotation marks cause we don't really DO the Xmas spirit) and, as Shelley always says, I love to play with my food, so here's some photographic proof of this:

And FINALLY, last but, nost definitely not least. . .One of my workmates was going away for Christmas and needed someone to look after her hamster - being the animal lover I am, I put up my hand and said "yes please, I'll have him!!" He is an adorable little guy called Stripes (he has a stripe running down his back) who comes running to the side of his cage when he hears our voices. . .He also came with a ball and when we let him out to 'roll' around, he is always bumping into the walls and things. . .(or us if we are on the floor) so here he is, the cute little guy:

Isn't he a cutie-pie????
Anyway, that's all for me - I'm off to ice cookies with my darling wife. . .
Big Loves, hugs and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. . .(or at least, the three of you who we know definitely read it)

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm dreaming....

So, it appears that we might, just might get our wish for a white Christmas after all, without having to leave the U.K. It started snowing last night and pretty much hasn't really stopped.

I finished work at 10:00 last night and walked home in the snow. It was kinda nice (but really cold) it also kinda reminded me why we are living here. To experience new things and have adventures. We have been so wrapped up in work and the daily grind I forgot that. Walking home last night with snow falling on my eyelashes and in my hair I rememebered why Amber and I are doing this and I was happy. (and cold).

Anyway peeps (read: Mum & Dad & Poppa Lidds) we took some photos from the windows of our appartment.
Behold the Whiteness:

And on another note of adventures. Last month we went to see the Decemberists play at the Coronet in London and this month we went to see Modest Mouse play at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. We took these photos just before we left to catch our train.