Monday, September 15, 2008


Well not really but the sucky thing is that the travels are over for a little while now. Amber needs to get a job so that I can get a residency visa so that I can get a job so that we can make more money and go travelling.
Anyway we have been keeping busy in the meantime. Last Monday night we went to Brighton to a club called Concord 2 to see Jeffery Lewis preform. It was an excellent night.

I am not smart enough to download a you tube video on to here so will have to settle for some lyrics instead.

This is called: The last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane.

It was a night in July,

I think six years ago

Why did I eat the acid? I don't know I wasn't thinking and I wasn't scared

Why did I eat the acid? I wasn't prepared

The last time I did acid I went insane

I was hanging with some friends just getting loaded

When all of a sudden my mind exploded

I had a flash that I was gay and I got paranoid

I was sitting on the floor listening to Pink Floyd

The last time I did acid I went insane

And I was drawing crazy pictures and before I was done

The pictures started pulsing like an alien lung and I said 'oh my god this is just begun

'And it was twelve more hours before I was done

We were up on the rooftop and I'll tell you the truth

I was convinced I'd already fallen off of the roof

And these weird metal things rolling around in outta space Were teleporting me from place to place

The last time I did acid I went insane

So we ran back downstairs where it was better to be

But I was trapped in spiral staircase infinity

And when we got to the door I couldn't go inside

Cos it was the gates of heaven and I had died

The last time I did acid I went insane

And this kid named Graham he punched a cat in the head

He could read my thoughts, that's what he said

And he described what it was like but I didn't believe it

Like lifting a rug and seeing stars beneath it


And the first rule of tripping was

Don't be with people you don't trust

The second rule of LSD

The rooftop is not a good place to be

The third rule is to be prepared

The fourth rule is to not get scared

The fifth rule is to stay serene

Turn off your mind and float downstream

The sixth rule's to have a good friend at hand

The seventh, I hope that you understand

Is not to look to deep into your soul or you might find a hideous, hopeless hole

Of hatred, hunger, infinite, idiot Mindless, meaningless, nothingness, nothingness nothingness, nothingness, nothingness, nothingness Nothingness, nothingness, nothingness, nothingness Nothingness

And that's what I did

And every aspect of life that I selected

Was instantly and brutally dissected

I saw the horrible emptiness within the reasons behind everything and it was at that moment that I went insane

Cos I figured why bother doing anything again I didn't understand my thoughts revealing themselves to be

The truth behind everything I'd ever wanted and believed

Revealed itself to be unwindingI Stood up

I brushed my head I turned

To my right all in my eye

And I said

There are things which we feel to be so terrifically true

That what were all but madness

For any good man in his own proper character

To utter or even hint of them

I've just discovered the meaning of life

I've just discovered the meaning of life

I've just discovered the meaning of life

I've just discovered the meaning of life

The thing that I think I enjoyed the most about the concert was that he had these comics that he had done and he showed them to us and he had lyrics that went with them. If you are interested you could download Jeff's "History of Communism" of You Tube. Very Cool.

The other concert that we went to last week was the Mountain Goats. It was quite a small venue so it was very good.
The concert was in London and after the concert we got back to our car ( well Mel and Mikes) to find that it had been broken into. They smashed one of the side windows to gain entry and then after all of that they didn't take anything. Mels house keys were in the car along with some mail that had the address printed on it, our I pod was also in the car and they didn't take it!!!

So on the off chance (like hugely off) that the same fuckers that broke into Mel and Mikes car happened to be reading this I would just like to say Ha Fuck You. You didn't get anything from us!!!

Anyway now I feel much better.

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