Thursday, January 14, 2010

SNOW and Puppy

Ok, so I'm going to cheat and just put a whole lot of photos on this one. . .
First up; our friend, Dan, who I met through the theatre got a Japanese Akita puppy last year who is now 8 months old (and therefore is getting quite big) and we, maybe, broke some rules the other day and had him come visit us in the apartment. . .
This is a full view of him, he was very happy to see his aunties :)
This is his tail, cause it's cute
he really loves his aunties, especially when they give him belly scratches. . .
Or just cuddles of any kind really!
We've discovered I have this magic ability when it comes to puppies whereby I can put them to sleep. . .It certainly works on Dini anyway!!!

Ok, so as you know it has been snowing a LOT over here, this photo was taken by an American Satellite on the 7th of January and shows just how white the country is at the moment:
As my school is in the middle of nowhere, we've had a couple of days (a week) off. We were meant to be going back today (the 13th) only it snowed again last night. . .so yet again, it's a snow day for Amber!!!
I walked Shelley to work today, mostly so she wouldn't fall over on the the concealed ice but also so I could get out of the house. And on the way home I decided to go through Horsham Park cause I thought it would be pretty. . .and I was right, it is :)

This poor ducky was walking through the snow all on his lonesome :(
I also built a snowman cause I'm just a big kid :) However, as I was on my own, he was only a little snowman:
And last but not least, our building in snow :)
The Front:
And the view from our window :)
(see if you can spot the car that hasn't moved since the first lot of snow!)Happy Summer all you NZ peeps!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My wrap up of 2009 in words and pictures

So, we were reading something online the other day and it had this review of 2009 in it and thought that as we have done a lot of things in 2009 we could do a revisit the highlights type thing, also we think it is a good idea to count your blessings sometimes.

So this is the Travelling Shambles review of 2009.

Most awesome live music:
Tori Amos
Andrew Bird
Anais Mitchell
James Marsters
Modest Mouse
The Decemberists

Most awesome West End shows:
The Phantom of the Opera

An aside about the above photos:
So Shelley ordered Ambers Birthday present from America online and it hadn't arrived in time for her birthday so Shelley secretly brought tickets for Chicago for the same date as her birthday then suggested that we spend the day in London just doing touristy things. I managed to get her within site of the theatre (complete with 6 foot neon sign) before she clicked on to what I was doing. So the above photos are her grinning like a mad thing as she has just figured out what we were really doing to mark her special day.
A big thank you to Ma and Pa Watson who gave us Christmas money as this is what we spent it on. Ambers real Birthday present still hasn't arrived so I won't be letting on to what it is but I imagine she might like to tell you all herself when she finally gets it!
And another note on West End productions, Amber got us tickets to see Billy Elliot for my Christmas present!

Obviously, one of the biggest highlights of the year was having Ma and Pa Watson and Simon visit us here in the U.K We went to so many places and saw so many things it is hard to single anything specific out!

Our trip to Wales (being the only trip we took in 2009) also deserves a mention here.
With the enormous dogs, the funny sounding place names, and the funnier sounding people, Wales was a heap of fun.

I don't think that Amber will be very impressed that I have posted this photo but I think it is so funny. The reason they are wearing head lamps is because we were in a tent playing cards and it was the easiest way to see. I had one also but there is no evidence so I can deny it!

So on to 2010.
We hope this year will be filled with travel and adventures and fun! At the moment it is 7:45 am on the 6th of Jan and it is snowing and has been all night! More snow than I have ever seen in my life!

I took these photos last night after it had been snowing for about 2 hours.
Anyway peeps I think I should stop blathering on and post this or else it will never get done.
Hugs, Loves and BBQ steak!