Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It is not a toy

So this was one of the other highlights of Thailand. We went to a place called Fantasea (really spelt like that too) and we had the chance to have a cuddle with this little guy. The reason that it has taken so long for us to post this is because at Fantasea we had to give up our camera and then purchase a professional photo from the theatre. So thank you very much to Mum and Dad (well more dad as he did it) who scaned this photo and then emailed to me so that I could post it for all you lovely people. Just in case you were wondering he was very soft and very warm and he kept prodding amber with is front paws to get her attention and so she kept looking at the cub instead of the camera despite the fact that the people taking our photo were trying to get her to look at them!!

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