Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mmmm Cake

Today It is raining.... which is okay by us because tonight we are going to Malta. My geography is so very bad that I actually had to see it on a map because I didn't know where it was but as soon as I learned it was in the middle of the Mediterranean I was more than happy to go there for a week.
We have been celebrating birthdays over here as Mel's birthday was last week.
Much fun and drinking was had by all.
Oh and that reminds me this is the yummiest recipe for a cake that I have come across in a long time!

Tropical Treat

A moist cake with a hint of the exotic. Makes 12 slices.


175g (6oz) margarine
125g (4oz) caster sugar

3 eggs, beaten
200g Cadbury Bournville chocolate
125g (4oz) self raising flour
50g (2oz) ground almonds
25g (1oz) desiccated coconut

To Complete

227g (8oz) can pineapple rings
80ml (4 Tbs) Malibu (A coconut Liqueur)
200g cream cheese
50g (2oz) icing sugar
284ml (1/2 pint) double cream

Also, you will require

Two 19cm (71/2 inch) sandwich cake tins, greased and base lined
A piping bag and star nozzle
A grease proof paper piping bag

Cream the margarine and sugar well, then slowly beat in the eggs. Melt half the chocolate, beat in with the flour, almonds and coconut until smooth. Divide mixture evenly between the tins. Bake in a moderate oven Gas Mark 4, 180°C, 350°F for 30-35 minutes until cooked. Carefully turn out and cool on a wire tray.

Drain pineapple, mix juice with the Malibu then use all but 2 tablespoons to soak both the cakes. Whisk the cheese, sugar and reserved juice together until smooth. Now add the cream and whisk until spreadable. Reserve 11/2 pineapple rings, chop the remainder. Sandwich the cakes together with some cheese mixture and the chopped pineapple, lift onto a plate. Spoon 2 tablespoons of mixture into the piping bag, spread remainder over cake. Mark the top into 12 portions then pipe whirls on each and one in the centre. Grate the reserved chocolate and press onto sides of the cake. Melt any remaining chocolate, fill bag, snip off end and pipe on zig-zag lines on each portion as shown. Complete with pieces of pineapple and the chocolate decorations.

And if you feel like it, it goes down a treat with Mead!

I felt a little guilty as this recipe came off a Cadbury website and we made it using Green and Blacks which is possibly the nicest chocolate ever made!

The other thing I have been doing for the last few days (much to Amber's annoyance) is playing the greatest game ever invented. Its called Katamatri Damacy and it is just about the best thing the Japanese have ever made. So good!

About Katamari:

The primary story in Katamari Damacy deals with the aftereffects of the planet-sized King of All Cosmos' binge drinking spree that wiped out all the stars and other celestial bodies from the sky. The King charges his 10-cm-tall son, the Prince, to go to Earth with a "katamari"—a magical ball that allows anything smaller than it to stick to it and making it grow—and collect enough material so that he can recreate the stars and constellations. The Prince is successful, and the sky is returned to normal.

A side story follows the Hoshino family as the Prince works at his tasks. The father, an astronaut, is unable to go to the moon when it is wiped out by the King, and the daughter senses the Prince's work. Ultimately, the family, along with their house and town, are rolled up in the katamari that is used to remake the moon.

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Tiggeronlegs said...

Green and Blacks is fabulous...but guess what...Cadbury own the company now...so no more guilt about using it for a cadbury recipe... ;)