Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ma and Pa's Big Adventure in the U.K (part two)

So hello, first off I decided that we could do with a change around. So hope you all like the new layout. So last post we (being Mum, Amber and I) were about to go off to the Phantom of the Opera and leave Pa behind to collapse in a big mess of exhaustion from the days events!
So good fun was had by all and the Phantom was great and the three girls had an great time. It wasn't so much fun having to catch 3 tubes to get back to the hostel, especially when all we really wanted to do was lie down and go to sleep somewhere but somehow we managed to stay upright and until we got back to the hostel, then we had to climb the Stairway of Hell to get to our rooms so we could collapse into sleep ready to face the next days adventures.

The following day we found a lovely cafe for breakfast and good coffee so we all had a full cooked English breakfast before we set off for the day. The aim for the day was to meander our way down to Hyde Park and through to the other side to meet the tour bus that we had booked. This was a slightly longer walk than first expected as if you have ever been to Hyde Park you will know it is HUGE! Anyway it was a nice day (for a change) and we weren't in a rush so we just sort of went at our own pace looking out for the resident squirrels on the way.

When Amber and I first went to Hyde Park we came across many very tame squirrels that were rather pissy about the fact that we did not have any food to give them so I came up with a plan this time round. At breakfast I told everybody to save some toast so we could take it with us to feed the squirrels. So I am well prepared. I have my toast and am on the hunt for the little critters. You wouldn't believe it, I found ONE freakin squirrel! I couldn't even get near enough to him to offer him some of my toast.

I was rather disgruntled by the lack of squirrels as I really wanted Mum to be able to feed one. We had to give up on the idea though as it became apparent that the little buggers were not going to come out of hiding to meet us.

Anyway on we went to the tour which was a great experience and I would recommend to any one who wanted to know more about London. We learned lots of interesting facts and trivia about London, including my personal fave, The great fire of London was started by a baker!! (just goes to show you can't trust 'em!) We also took a cruise down the Thames to Greenwich which was great, Greenwich looks like a place Amber and I would enjoy going back to at some stage.

Anyway we finished the tour at the same place we started it, so we retraced our steps back through Hyde Park. It was just as well we did as there were squirrels squirrels everywhere. And they were more than happy to solicit themselves for food. I was so happy I got out my toast that I had been carrying around all day, despite the fact that at one point on the bus I was a bit peckish and considered eating it. Any way, I motion for Mum to watch my example and crouch down with the piece of toast in my hand. Faster than you can say 'fur collar' one of the little sod is at my hand pulling the proffered toast towards him, he pauses and gives it a sniff and then just as quickly as he came he runs away again. It turns out that they are picky eaters and toast is not one of their preferred foods. At least Mum got to see the fussy little buggers though, I suppose that is the main thing.

The following day (Monday) we packed up early and were sitting in Victoria Train Station by 10:30am having a pint. We all enjoyed London but part of the enjoyment of such a loud, dirty, crowded, smelly place is being able to leave it and go somewhere that is not London.

We did have quite a few other adventures but I will have to tell them on another session as the Wife has just returned which means I have to go and cook dinner before she beats me again.....
Oh and our computer has finally given up and died (for real this time) and hence there are no nice photos breaking up and improving an otherwise fairly boring blather. Lucky our friend has lent us a computer for the time being so we can still keep in touch with all our NZ peeps.