Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Shiz

Well as we are not travelling at the moment and we are not seeing any new sites I thought I would just post some more photos from all the places we have been.

This photo was taken in Tailand from the lookout that we went to in the rainforest (somewhere) Nat - sorry I cannot be more specific on the details but it was definitely on Phuket :)

This photo was taken as I was thanking the elephants for taking us for a trek. The elephant is about eat a piece of watermelon that I fed him. At one point the elephant that is on the otherside of me helped himself to the fruit from the basket I am holding in the photo and so I fed them both.

This photo is Amber thanking the Elephant that we rode on. When she put her trunk thru the fence to take the food we were able to pat them as well as feed them.
This was something that we came across in the middle of the airport when we were flying out of Bangkok. Odd. Shiny.

Drinking out of coconuts is fun. Sadly these ones were not alcoholic.


Anonymous said...

you guys are soooooo making me want to take a holiday!!!!!mloo

Cavegirl said...

Yes, very inspiring!