Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hyde Park, Hallowe'en and more about Amber's job

So, Amber had work on Saturday and Sunday at the Capitol before starting at Muntham on Monday, so Shelley and her (I like talking about us in the third person to confuse you all!!) decided to go to London on Thursday for a sort of "last minute explore". Amber had been telling Shelley all about the squirrels in Hyde Park and how friendly they are so they decided that it was a perfect opportunity to go visit them. . .Before we found any squirrels though, we did find a sign which we're sure we've told you about before. . .

Isn't it great?? The dead body just makes it I think!!
Anyway, we then met this squirrel, who was a little shy, but at least posed for a cute picture (I, Amber, personally think he was imitating a Meer Kat. . .)

He seemed very curious about the two of us, but just was a little too shy to actually come up to us. However, we soon hunted out a big group of VERY friendly squirrels, the cutest of which was this little guy - we think he's saying "ME?!?!?" and that is Shelley's knee that you can see him leaning on!!! She was also the one taking the photo.
So any of you Animal lovers who think squirrels are absolutely adorable, I strongly suggest that you visit Hyde Park!! And if you take nuts, seeds and other Squirrel-friendly foods they will love you even more. . .
We also visited Covent Garden (which Shelley loved although she was too interested in the Shopping and it was too cold for her to let me stay to watch some of the street performers) and we found the NZ Shop!! Yay for Pixie Caramel's, Perky Nana's, Summer Rolls and K-Bars!!! Unfortunately they had sold out of L&P, much to Shelley's disgust. She had been looking forward to her L&P all day!! After all of that we went to Camden Market and explored around there. We found the rudest man, he was selling NZ Greenstone carvings and was EXTREMELY arrogant and RUDE!!
But anyway, at Camden Market's we found the Original Doc Marten Store and Amber (yes, talking about myself in the third person again), who needed some boots anyway as it's coming into Winter and she's working, may have gotten some Made in England, 20-up boots. . .yay for credit cards. . .
And then we move on to Friday, we know Hallowe'en is not a big deal over in NZ, but over here it really is!! So we got dressed up a little. . .

In the photo of me you can see my new boots poking out the bottom :)
Some of Mel's work mates were doing a "Space Hopper Pub Crawl" for charity (no seriously, they had a website where you could sponser them and they were carrying buckets around with them as well!!) so we went along with them as their support (and laughed at them a lot!!). It was fun!!

Anyway, some of you have been asking on Facebook about my new job so I thought I would explain a little more. . .Due to the nature of the school (see below, or check out the website given in the other post), all staff have to be trained in proper restraint techniques and unfortunately I have not been trained just yet. . .as a Learning Support Assistant I am basically helping out when and where I'm told. I am meant to be mostly in English but due to the fact that the English teacher is pregnant and therefore can not currently restrain the boys and I'm not trained yet; they're not putting me with her until I'm trained. So far I have been in, Art, IT, Maths, Drama and, the dreaded, PE. I'm dealing with boys who are aged from 11/12 through to 15/16. And they have all been permanently exlcuded from a Mainstream school at some point. There are about 8 boys who are on the Autistic spectrum, there are ADHD kids and kids who just generally have emotional and social problems. Most of them are actually really lovely and have just had a bad time when it comes to parents/situations, etc.
Anyway, I'm off to go pout about David Tennant leaving Doctor Who and it's my bed time too.
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