Sunday, December 10, 2006

slack (but with a good excuse)

ok so i know that this blog was created by my wife (giggle) to keep our nearest and dearest up to date with the opperation and stuff but it just occured to me that to do that we might actually need to post on here once and a while and actually tell everybody what is happening!

At the moment the subject rolls around to auckland and the surgery every five seconds or so. Simon is offically packing himself and my beautiful wife acts as if she hasn't a care in the world. I know if it was me that was about to be sliced open i would be as nervous as hell but she seems perfectly fine. (not to confuse this with normal coz she never was)

I am going to start making lists soon of all the stuff we have to take with us to Auckland i am waiting for the sleepness nights to start at the moment the sleeping is not going so well but i think that it is mainly becuase we have been sick and its really hard to sleep when both of you are all blocked up and finding breathing a problem.

Anyway i will try to remember to post on here more often next week so everybody is reasured about the opperation. Love and hugs. S


astraea said...

all the best guys, we'll be thinking of you! send me a text and let me know how it goes.
love mel (and mike)

Tiggeronlegs said...

Yes you will have to let us nearest and dearest know won't you! xxx