Thursday, December 21, 2006


S thinks this post should be called "I want my money back" due to me the other day saying that i was going to go back and request a refund because of the state they left my arm in. We'll post photos later of the 'pretty' bruises on it that go half way up my wrist. Anyway, it's been just over a week and I'm doing good, still a little tender and I tire easy, but they say that's normal. There's been a little Vascular rejection on Si's end, but they caught it before it affected the kidney and they've got him on drugs to reverse and help stop it before it goes any further. They still say there is a 95% chance it will take
Apparently I'm VERY sensitive to Morpheine and they gave me a litte too much for me (for anyone else it probably would've been ok, but apparently not for me) and I decided to give everyone a little scare (my Dad reckons I was just trying to get attention cause Si was getting too much, lol) and stop breathing for a bit. . .but after a brief stint in ICU I was up and bouncing. . .well, ok, not quite, but I'm doing ok again. I don't think there's any chance of me ever becoming a Morpheine addict though. . .lol
Anyway, must dash, just about out of time on the net. . .will post photos of my war wounds when we get home. . .sigh, home. . .

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