Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This is the kidneys wife speaking:
Hi all a big thanks to all of those that have sent messages reguarding the opperation it was really great to know that everybody was thinking of us.
The opperation went really well and A is back in recovery as i write this. Si is in theatre at the moment so i will post an update later.
A is really sleepy and really cute, (at least i think so). She is currently sucking on ice cubes and making funny smacking noises with her mouth. I think she mentioned a horrible taste in her mouth that she is trying to get rid of. Anyway will go back up to her ward now and see how she is. I just came away for a few minutes so i could post this for all of those that were wondering how she is doing.

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Tiggeronlegs said...

Thanks so much! What ward are they on...text me...