Monday, November 02, 2009

Nuns on the run

Hello all.
One thing that we have discovered living over here is that people really like to celebrate Halloween. So this year we decided that we would dress up as nuns for Halloween. The four of us. Mel, Mike, Amber and myself. I'm still not sure how Mel convinced Mike to agree to go as a nun but somehow she did and so last night found us all in our living room getting into our costumes and laughing our heads off. Proof to follow:

We all walked to the party from our apartment which was just down the road but we managed to get quite a bit of attention from the cars on the way, also some other Halloween'ers (is that even a word?) asked us if we were real nuns! I am thinking that they didn't notice that Sister Mary Peculiar was really Sister Mary Mike or they wouldn't have asked!

Amber was Sister Mary Catnip and I was Sister Mary Apathetic. Mel was Sister Mary Discombobulated. (Sister Mary Disco for short).
Sister Mary Catnip took her inspiration from this photo:Sister Mary Disco and Sister Mary Apathetic looking slightly sinful while Sister Mary Peculiar looks on in shock....

Our hosts were Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Also attending were Amy Winehouse and Dexter.

As the evening wore on Amber became slightly less nunish.....

So there you have it. Another Halloween in the U.K Another fun evening survived without too much of hangover the following morning.

Ooh and before I go, We finally got a skin for our new laptop. See....

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