Friday, October 23, 2009

Mmmm Cake....

'Lo all, thought that as we haven't been anywhere or done anything much of late I would post some photos of Mels Birthday cake and other stuff (mostly my wife being her normal insane self)
On with the show....

After we had Mels birthday dinner we all played some games, the following photo is a little fuzzy due to the fact that I had partaken of the delicious elderflower wine from the fantastic cider shed at Middle Farm. One of the great things about living over here is the farm shops that are around. Middle Farm also has a cider shed full of barrels and barrels of cider and fruit wines and is run by a very nice man who makes all the cider and is very knowledgeable about ciders and such. Oh and also encourages lots of taste testing....

The next photos are from my anniversary present to Amber.....

So to explain a little, the red ribbon that she is tangled in in the last photo is what was tied around her present. I led the ribbon from the present on the table to the front door to the apartment complex about 20 meters in all. The idea being to follow the ribbon to her surprise. After she unwrapped her present and we had a big munch on all the food she decided that she wanted to play with the ribbon a bit. I found this image a couple of days later on the Internet.... anybody notice any similarities?

So.... moving right along. This last photo is of Dan's baby Houdini (Dini for short) He is about 7 months old now ( I think) and he is soooo cute!

So, I guess that is all for now.


Anonymous said...

In my defence, when someone presents my with THAT much ribbon, what else am I meant to do with it?????

Janine said...

Amber you are just the cutest lil puddy tat!

That birthday cake looks extremely nommable! What flavour?

Miss you both!
So does the Bellephant who is currently chewing on a cardboard box!