Sunday, July 06, 2008

We haven't dropped off the earth. . .

Ok, so we know we haven't blogged in a while, but we promise we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.
So Shelley's Visa for England FINALLY came through after like FOREVER (ok, nine weeks, but it felt like forever). And after a whirlwind couple of weeks where we quit our jobs, moved out of home and visited as many people as possible, we are now homeless bums!!! Yay for homeless bums!!!!!
We are off to New Plymouth tomorrow where Shelley's parents live and we get to stay with them and THREE puppies for the next week and a bit and then flying from NP to Auckland and from Auckland to Bangkok and finally to Phuket on the 16th of July, we are staying in Phuket for a bit of a break. (and riding on LELEPHANTS!!! (which is Elephants for normal people)) Then on the 20th we head back to Bangkok and off to LONDON!! Where on the 21st we get to see the Dresden Dolls live in concert!! Yay for good music! And from there we will see where the wind blows us. . .No real set plans except for seeing as much of the world as possible!! :)
So we will be starting to update our blog a lot more (for those of you that have actually been keeping track) as a way of keeping people updated on where we are and what we are up to :)
So keep watching (reading?) this space!!!

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