Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lelephants, Babaphants and Tigubs

For those of you who don't understand Amber speak thats Elephants, baby elephants and tiger cubs. All of which we got to meet and pat on our adventure in Thailand!

This was our elephant for our tour thru part of the Thailand rain forest. (Amber wants to go back there and live in the forest and learn how to become a Mahout).

This "little" baby elephant was Pin Phee She is five years old. And she loves to give kisses!!!!

We don't have any photos on our computer to show you, but we also got to pat and hold and feed a one month old tiger cub. (did you know their fur is very soft, just like a kittens?) We were very closely watched so Amber didn't have a chance to slip it under her top and steal it.

Thailand was an awsome start to our holiday, The hotel we were staying in was amazing there were flowers growing on everyfloor and so it smelled so pretty everywhere. The pool was our favourite place to escape the heat. Amber is very pleased to anounce that she has now sipped a cocktail from a coconut while stitting at a bar in a pool! (this was on the list of things that we had to do while in Thailand)

We are now safely in England and will write more of our adventures soon.

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