Monday, January 10, 2011

Working backwards in time. . .

So, me being the giantest child, the first thing that I wanted to do when we woke up (very early for us at 8.30ish) was check to see if Santa had been! However, we did have a houseful of people which meant that I had to wait and see what everyone else wanted to do. To explain the houseful of people: Pantomime is a HUGE thing in England over christmas-time (this is where you yell, Oh no it isn't and I yell, oh yes it is), from December through January every theatre in the land will put on one Panto or another. As Dan works in a theatre and is currently the only Sound Tech there he had to work every show of Panto which meant from the 10th of December till the 3rd of Jan he had two days off, Xmas day and New Years Day. So Dan's family decided that in order to see him they should come down and spend a couple of days with us. They bought their puppy-dog with them so for a couple of days there were 6 adults and two dogs in our tiny little English house.
Back to Christmas day - Even Miss Bah Humbug herself woke up excited and eager to get to the presents so she came and helped me wake up Dan (bounce up and down on his bed yelling it's christmas, it's christmas, it's christmas), before we headed downstairs to see if everyone else was up. Thankfully Dan's Mum was just as excited as us to get to the presents (and yes, Santa did visit - he had heard that Shelley had never had a Terry's Chocolate Orange so he made sure that there was one for everyone in the house) so we were able to persuade everyone that the opening of the presents should come before anything else! So pyjamas and present opening!!
(apparently Shelley had the camera so all of the photos are me and Dan)

Me opening presents
This one shows Dini helping me play santa (Shelley bought me an awesome Dr Suess Santa Hat so I HAD to play Santa!!)

Dan is quite a large geek and loves Star Wars so we bought him a dressing gown that is designed to look like a Jedi robe (you can also buy a black one that is a Sith robe which is the one I would have gone for but Dan wanted to be a Jedi. . .)
Dan's parent's dog, Woody, is a little odd and loves paper of all kinds which means that you can actually trust him to unwrap your presents for you if you want - he'll just eat the paper off it! Here is him and Dini unwrapping the Christmas presents that they were given (well, him unwrapping his and me unwrapping Dini's for him):

This is Woody with all of his loot (wrapping paper):

This is me with some of my loot:

And, because Woody is an older doggy, here are some cute photos of him all tuckered out after the excitement of the morning:

After the presents, there was much food (Roast Turkey), alcohol and TV watching (oh, and walking of the dog's of course). So, that was our Christmas :) Sorry it was out of order. . .Cirque du Soleil is tonight - camera will be going to London with us and photo and blog will follow!!!
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - one last photo, even though it's a little fuzzy - Dan and I finding our Cirque tickets on Xmas day (Shelley had hidden them inside other presents):

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looks like you had a great day girls.xx