Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who was I?

This year for Halloween we decided to do something different. Our friends were planning a party for their 5 year old son and so we invited ourselves to go. As we had only just returned from Venice two days before there was a very quick trip to Crawely (Crawwwwleeey) to find something that would work as a costume.
This is who I decided to go as:

Amber decided to go as a fairy:

We found these really cute wings for her that had a pattern of a spiderweb on them and in the middle was a spider!

We found a spider to put in my hair, and a really pretty spider necklace that was made of black and red crystals. And then we found my 'spider' who is really a balloon but he is really cute and I named him Horrace. He is now hanging out with the rest of our soft toys.

This is a really scary Frankenstein. He also goes by the name of Jack

These are our hosts. Mr and Mrs Dracula (Nick and Dawn):

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Janine said...

Yay for fairies and Miss Muffet!
Eek for spiders! (Am still as arachnophobic as ever)!