Saturday, September 12, 2009

Strange Little Girls

My obsession with Tori Amos started shortly before she was due to come to N.Z as part of a tour for her Under the Pink album. She came and played on December 13 1994. I was already all geared up and rearing to go to see R.E.M play, they came to N.Z on January 28 1995. The tickets were excessively expensive but I think I pleaded and groveled and probably did 10 hours worth of ironing and Mum said I could go (and I think paid for most if not all of the ticket). Anyway there was no chance I was going to be able to go to both so I had to miss seeing Tori. This would have been okay if she came back to N.Z ever again.... alas, she did not. I was so determined to see Tori play I would have gone to Australia if she made it that far (she didn't). I was so very upset to hear that my dearest friend (living in England) got to go and see her play without me that I nearly cried, and I never cry.

All of this bitter disappointment ended last night however because the four of us went to London and went to the Apollo at Hammersmith and got to see her play as part of her Abnormally Attracted to Sin tour. Sitting there grinning like an idiot the entire time, screaming like a mad women and clapping so hard my hands hurt, I can honestly say that last night one of my major life goals was completed. Seeing Tori Amos live was right up there on my list along with visiting the Louvre or riding in a gondola in Venice at sunset. The whole experience was so great that I felt finally, like some of the things I came on this adventure to achieve are being, well, achieved. If were were rich I might have attempted to follow her round on her tour in Europe and become one of those crazy stalker people just so I could hear her play again. It was such a good concert that last night I told Mike that if he crashed the car on the way home from London and we all died that, I would die happy...

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