Thursday, May 07, 2009

.... And we're back!

Hello everyone. It has been a while since we last posted as we have not been doing much until recently. April was rather uneventful as we were waiting for all our Kiwi peeps to arrive. The first to arrive to the Mother Country was Simon we had 3 days with him and managed to pack in London, Brighton and Horsham Bird Park.

The second and third photos were taken at Brighton Pier. Amber and Simon are on a ride called Extreme Scream, and scream she did. I was sitting next to some ladies while they were on this ride and the ladies were commenting on how Amber screamed her head off for the whole ride. She didn't stop once. I don't know how she managed to breathe! Amber said when she got off the ride that she had aged 10 years. I can't say I blame her, the chair went up up up and hung there for a couple of minutes and then swung down really fast over the sea and the pier and all the people on the pier. I think Simon enjoyed it though.

We also took him for a major tour around London but there are no photos for that day as we didn't remember to take the camera. We also didn't take the London map that day and so ended up walking quite a bit further than we meant to and Simon was so tired that he fell asleep on the train going home, but good fun was had by all.

The above photo is Simon meeting Igor one of the owls at the Bird of Prey Centre. Igor is very cool and friendly and as you can see is also quite pretty.

So Simon had to leave us after only 3 days to go on his Contiki Tour. He will be back though in a couple of weeks.

At the moment we have my parents staying with us. I am amazed that they flew half way around the world just to visit us! I am very touched that they thought it was worth it and they have come in time for my birthday! We have them for 2 weeks so watch this space for more adventures and shenanigans.

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