Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun without passports

Ok so for the two or three of you that are following us and our misadventures across the U.K, you will be aware that we still have no passports. (Yay for the Home Office).
Anyway in such a large country much fun can be had without travelling across borders. So last month we went to Winchester for a farmers market and while we were there we visited the cathedral. A farmers market overhere is amazing. The first stall we stopped at sold Mulled Wine and as it was wet and freezing we decided that drinking warm tasty wine at 10am was perfectly acceptable. Other new experiences that day included the yummiest red meat we have eaten since we came to this country. Water Buffalo. mmmmmm. My mouth starts watering just thinking about it. Also Shelley had to buy so much bread that she could have started up her own shop. there was also fresh vege and cheese and you name it.
So in the courtyard to the cathedral was this thing. (refer photo) We believe it had something to do with the aliens trying to contact the mother ship. Seriously though guys, this church is like 600 years old. It is a perfect example of gothic architecture and it is now sharing space with a 'sculpture' that looks like a giant finger. (E.T phone home)
The cathedral was very pretty. If you have read previous entries then you would have heard us mention bendy buildings. This cathedral was so bendy I don't know how it managed to stay up.
There is a momument to a man who gave his life to prevent the church from collapse. One corner was built under water and he dived down to re-enforce the structure to stop if from collapsing further and he ran out of air but remained down there to finish the job. It is still very bendy however.
Anyway now I will (hopefully) locate the photos from said church.

Sorry the last two are a little fuzzy but I guess my photography skills were off that day. The last one is me trying to show you the bendyness of this place. It might help if you look at the ceiling.
Winchester is also the final resting place of Jane Austen. This is the outside of the house she dided in. It is now a private residence so we couldn't go inside.

We went for a walk along the canal. The houses that are on the waterfront had their own entrances to the water from their gardens. 100's of years ago they would have used boats as a means of transport. (think Shakespeare in Love) Some of the houses still have the gates in place though they are now obviously not used. They still make for a pretty photo.

The last photo is of the canal looking to the mainstreet of the town.
Anyway that is about it from Winchester. Looking forward to going back there for more tasty food. mmmmmm food. Okay now I am going to eat. Talking about all the tasty food has made me hungry.

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to be or not to be. in 9 weeks it will be!!!very interesting tour. m.l.p.s.XX