Thursday, October 25, 2007


When I get to England I am going to see every god damned concert that is playing!
Possibily even ones I don't know, and might not even like.... I want to see Ani and Hammel and Tori its not fair no good or even kinda good bands come to NZ the last time someone came that I wanted to see was the Dresden Dolls and I couldn't go see them coz it was right before I got married and so we had to save money. And anyway that was over a year ago. The last time Tori came to NZ was back in 95 (i think) and I didn't even know much about her then. Ani came a couple of years ago (4 I think) and that was a good concert but she hasn't been back since and I love concerts and when I go to england I am going to see every thing that plays.... as long as its not sport.