Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Look

I decided it was time for a new look.
and for all of the one people who probably read this I must apologise for my slackness of late.... Its that damn Bebo and its seductive-ness.
It is sooo much fun.
But I will keep up with the posts. Mel you are possibily the only person who reads them now but thats okay.
Any way I am watching Nine at the moment... it is actually turning out to be quite good, tho I had low expectations as it is American but I think I might even end up watching it on a weekly basis.
Its really funny to see Scott Wolfe is something other than Party Of Five. (yes I admit it, I watched it)
Anyway time for this old fart to go to sleep.
good night


mostly mel but maybe mike too if you're lucky said...

If I knew what your Bebo name was then i'd read that too! ;p

shambles said...

Are you on Bebo? if you're not then our URL is: :)