Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Post Office

So now I know what Bukowski was blabbing about all those years ago (Rob if your still with us, yes I had to look up the spelling of Bukowski) I have a brand spanking new job. Goody. In case you are wondering what this has to do with a alcoholic author dear readers (if there really is anybody reading this), once upon a time Bukowski also worked at the post office. (my new job) I used to find Bukowsi's rants rather amusing and had many a chuckle about how he portrayed people who used to "annoy" him. Well having worked for NZ Post for exactly 8 days i can simpathise. I never realised before how people you never even met can annoy you but now having delt with their mistakes for a week and a bit i can totally understand why he wrote the things he did.


Cavegirl said...

Did you not realise how annoying people are when workig at the movies? I seem to become less tolerant on a daily basis!
Good on you for getting a new job though. Always good to try new things!

shambles said...

Thanks. we came to see the "Good German" yesterday and my wifey commented on how much she missed working there with all you guys. She got a "proud mother" look when the cinema attendent mentioned that Shaun was doing prog that day.