Tuesday, February 13, 2007

an early morning rant.....

so here i am sitting here guzzling my second cup of coffee of the morning all because of the early morning start. We found a kitten in our backyard last night. A tensy tiny kitten who is soooo cute and the way it was miowing we gathered that it had been a while since she had last been fed. So we have been feeding her. I don't mind feeding her but I am pissed about how we came to be looking after her. I asked my neighbours about her (their cat has just had a litter of kittens so originally we thought that the kitty we had found was from her litter) it turns out that the probable mother of this kitten is a stray that they feed sometimes. This is where the rant comes in: why can't people look after their animals? it isn't excatly rocket science. There are so many cats in this neighbourhood that the Wife thinks we should be re-named Kittywell or Catwell. I would love to do a door-to-door Jeohovah Witness type thing round here to tell people that they should get their animals de-sexed and not abandon them when they "don't feel" like looking after them anymore. Now i am going to spend sometime trying to find this kitten a home before the wife falls in love with her and starts giving me "that look". I feel really bad about it though because she keeps crying and since she has been fed i can only guess that its her mum that she wants and now that i am going to attempt to find a home for her, she won't get returned to her mum who seems to have abandoned her anyway. It seems like a really crappy start to the world for the little baby and if some wanking human had never abandoned the kittens mother then more than likely i would not be sitting here feeling like shit because i am listening to a kitten that will_not_stop_crying.
Rant over.

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